Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012 Home

There has been a lot of bird activity at our house. Of course I've been able to see it since I've been home recuperating all the time. First the birds were after the fall seeds and apples in the trees. This brought a bunch of woodpeckers and flickers including a really nice view of a pileated working on an apple in the tree right in front of the house. Most of the apples are gone now but there is still a lot of "normals" that drop by each day. Today was no different with the northern flickers, steller jays, junco and chickadees and currently the red-bellied sapsuckers are here for awhile. The other residents are the Anna's hummingbirds. I think they might stay all winter, if I can keep their feeders from freezing. But we did have one new friend flitting around in the birch. It was a Hutton's vireo (#172). I'm pretty sure we had seen them before but we'd never been able to really get a 100% verification on it. They are very fast and small. But this time I'm sure. They are really cute and still very fast. It's nice one again when the birds come to you. Keep coming, I'm watching.

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