Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday April 24, 2012-Back Home Again

So I was in Peru from April 1-17. I was visiting jungle lodges. It was for work so Rudy didn't get to go with me. Then when I got home Rudy had to depart for his work to North Carolina and won't be home until late on April 26. So we haven't had any chance to go out birding together. I did see 125 different species of birds in the Amazon but they won't count. Rudy went east of the mountains to see our son and daughter in law over Easter and saw white pelicans, magpies and such but they don't count because we didn't do it together. I went out yesterday and saw an osprey and a goldfinch but guess what--it won't count. We hope to go out Saturday so we'll see what happens then.