Monday, December 3, 2012

August 17-19, 2012 Long Beach Pennisula

It has been a very nice August with lots of sun and warm temperature. I am loving it but some friends asked us over for the weekend at a place they were staying on the Long Beach Penninsula for the weekend so we decided to join them. I was hoping for great weather there too but driving over after work on Friday afternoon, the closer we got to the ocean, the more clouds and the rapid decline in temperature. It was going to be in the 90's at home at it was in the 60's at the ocean. This was almost too much for me and Rudy and we almost turned around but couldn't really call that a legitimate reason for not showing up for such a wonderful invitation. So we kept to our plans. Our friends were waiting and we had a lovely dinner that night in town. We got up the next morning and had a good breakfast and went around Long Beach and Ilwaco a bit. We saw a nice museum and hit a weekend fair and visited a lighthouse and such. There were some good shore birds out on the ocean- terns, auklets and such but nothing new. The weather wasn't hot but it was nice so I felt better about that. It was a very nice day with our lovely friends, great food and fun.

The next day I was intent on getting in some birding so we headed way up to the end of the pennisula to Leadbetter Point and took the green trail (1.1 mile) along the beach and back through the woods. We saw many great blue herons along the beach. Back through the woods we saw some small birds flitting around but could never make a positive ID. This was Sunday and we needed to get back home so we said our good-byes to our friends and headed out. I wanted to make one stop along the way at the Willapa Bay Refuge Headquarters along Hwy 101 near milepost 24. I didn't know what to expect but I had read they had a trail behind the center. Here is where I must say, if you are ever in this area you must stop and take this trail. It's not so much for the wildlife viewing as it is an art trail. As I understand it the U of W got involved with making art for display in and along the trail and it turned out marvelously. Right from the start the boardwalk curves away along a wetland/creek area. There is art built in to the wood, along it, sculptures, poetry and on and on. There is a section called cutthroat climb an uphill trail that goes about 2/3 of a mile. It was a good workout for us and beautiful. On the way back down there is an incredible labryth patio out in the middle of the woods-why I don't know--but I'm sure all part of this trail. No birds really but so, so worth the stop and hike.

No new birds this weekend to add to our count but a marvelous time.

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