Saturday, June 23, 2012

Friday May 11, 2012 Titlow Beach

After being gone all last weekend we really needed to stay around this weekend and do some work on the yard. But not to be totally shut out for the week we decided to devote some time Friday night. I had an eye appointment in Tacoma in the late afternoon so we decided to go back to Titlow beach. This time I did my homework and read reports that the purple martins were now being sighted. My eyes were pretty dilated and it was a beautiful sunny day, but I donned my sunglasses and we set out. Sure enough there they were when we first arrived. Swooping around out by the pilings about 5 purple martins (#109). Also we spotted a nice osprey (#110) flying over.

We still hadn't had our fill of birding and we had to go over to Kent before going home so we headed out to the Green River Resource Area (Kent Ponds). It was such a nice night and it produced a beautiful common yellow throat (#111).

OK now we can feel good about staying home and working outside for the weekend.

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